amazing iowa: women a-z

Fall 2018

The project: 

Illustrated by dozens of Iowa women artists, Amazing Iowa Women A to Z highlights the stories of nearly 100 Iowa women from different historical eras, diverse backgrounds, and a range of professions. The Amazing Iowa project was founded by Katy Swalwell, a social studies education professor at Iowa State University, in 2018. Women A to Z is the first of many publications written by Swalwell celebrating Iowa history. Published by RAYGUN.

My role: 

I created 5 mini-portraits of women from Iowa that supplemented main portraits in the book (Charlotta Pyles, Danai Gurira, Joni Ernst, Lois Hattery Tiffany, and Mamie Eisenhower).

In addition to contributing artwork, I collaborated with Katy Swalwell to develop k-12 curriculum educators based off the stories and lessons of the amazing women. The curriculum can be found on Amazing Iowa’s website HERE.