Spring 2018

The project: 

EAT UP! was a food inspired community event organized by MOONLIGHT VSN.

MOONLIGHTVSN is a company of artists working to build brave spaces for individuals to unite, collaborate, and grow in. MOONLIGHTVSN brings art into the heart of the community- into backyards, sidewalks, cafes, local organizations, and schools- right into our homes, where art belongs. They believe that art of all mediums can create powerful, life-changing experiences and should be accessible to all. Their team and artists collaborate on a volunteer basis and together they strive to continue opening our doors to the community at "Pay What You Can" admission.

My role: 

For this community event I created a free collaborative art station where participants took three creative steps and stamped with foods, painted with colors created from spices, and collaged with coupon image clippings. For each step, the participants completed their prompt then picked up a new paper with previous steps already completed. In this way, the work was organically collaborative and allowed people the freedom to explore the mediums without a final product in mind.