The event: 

Female Gaze was a collaborative exhibition featuring art by members of the DSM Girl Gang. Members were randomly paired as partners and prompted to use the idea of Female Gaze to generate their collaborative works. The show sought to confront the "Male Gaze" frequently found in art history. Artists were encouraged to use any medium thus the show produced paintings, photographs, collages, a unique instagram account, animations, sculptures, installations and participatory art. Many artists worked with foreign materials, most all the collaborators were strangers to begin, and the show was a debut exhibition for some. 

My role: 

As a core member of the DSM Girl Gang, I acted as the main contact for artists throughout the show. Prior to randomly selecting pairs, I lead a meeting about the show's topic and best practices in collaboration. During the month that it was up, I also organized a critical conversation with guest curator Siobhan Spain. 

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