September 22-25, 2016

The event: 

As the summer inched towards the fall, Des Moines Performing Arts hosted the Architects of Air at Cowles Commons with an installation of their "Arboria" Luminarium. The inflatable walk-in sculpture from the United Kingdom was half the size of a football field and was a phenomenon of light, color and sound. Evoking a sense of wonder for people of all ages, the Luminarium offered a dazzling maze of winding paths and cavernous domes where visitors were invited to wander, lie down, or sit and enjoy the ambience. 

My role: 

As Project Coordinator for The Luminarium, I worked on behalf of Des Moines Performing arts to recruit and coordinate over 50 volunteers for the 7 day experience. Offered the position at the beginning of September, I worked diligently within a short time span to recruit, train and schedule the vast number of volunteers needed to safely tend to this massive sculptural experience. I also designed t-shirts, informational content, directional signage and volunteer thank you cards to help achieve a successful event. 

Photos by Dan Welk