June 21, 2017

We loved Quick Draw so much that we had to do it again! Don't know what I'm talking about? Check out last year's event HERE.  

The event (how it changed): 

  • Location: After a few venue challenges, we jumped on the opportunity to collaborate with Fourth + Court Hy-Vee. Who doesn't love art AND food?
  • Artists: We added 3 more incredible artists bringing our total participation to 22! 
  • Payment: Being an event for Art Week Des Moines, we decided to give a majority of the money back to the artists. While still raising enough money to help propel the DSM Girl Gang into our non-profit status, we proudly chose to build a more empowering structure to support artists. 
  • Swag: We hand made adorable glitter encrusted "sheriff" badges for all participating artists and then sold extras for $1. 
  • Collaboration: Teaming up with Art Terrarium, we heightened the feel of ye old south west by displaying their awesome collection of cacti. 

My role (how it grew): 

  • I first have to say that nothing would have been possible without the awesome team effort of our planning committee: Meanz Chan, Cat Rocketship, Dani Ausen, and Christine Hilbert
  • To help streamline communications, I became the main contact between the vendor, collaborators and participating artists. 
  • I helped expand our participation pool by recruiting one artist from Kansas City and another young artist who just graduated high school. 
  • Check out last year's event to see details on my other responsibilities such as Quick Draw Quick Bios. 

See full blog post HERE

Photos by Meanz Chan.