June 22, 2016

The event: 

In the fall of 2015, Meanz Chan and myself adventured to Kansas City as volunteers for Hot Hands- a fundraising event for Front/Space. The event brought in both artists and community members to experience and embrace creativity in a new light. The energy of the event was so powerful that we sought to make it happen in Des Moines!

During Art Week Des Moines, the DSM Girl Gang held their own version called Quick Draw. On June 22nd 2016 we strapped on our chaps while 19 artists made art on site and sold each piece for $30 throughout the evening. Artists grew connections, experienced new ways to create and guests enthusiastically watched as artists do what they do best. The night was full of inventive art and cowboy hats- what more can you ask for? 

My role: 

My primary role for this event was overseeing timelines, ensuring members completed their responsibilities and general oversight of the final event. During our group meetings, I helped lead our conversations regarding fundraising goals, payment process, individual roles and development of marketing content. Working alongside the other members, I wrote the informative call to artists and then developed Quick Draw Quick Bios to promote our event on Facebook. This was accomplished by generating a short google survey for participating artists then formatting their answers for our social media posts. I was also the point person for our venue ensuring clear communication for set up and take down. 

Photos by: Lacie Navin

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