Summer 2016

The project: 

As Broadway shows come to a close, Des Moines Performing Arts opens their doors to students for immersive theater camps. In addition to learning about signing, choreography, acting and collaborating with others on stage - the students had the opportunity to create visual art in relationship to their show. 

My role: 

I organized and facilitated crafts for their Wizard of Oz camps that resulted in an imaginative lobby display for loved ones of the students to experience. Throughout one morning, the young performers participated in four engaging stations that resulted in individual take-home crafts and collaborative, installation focused work. 

The images to the left show the final installation created by over 120 hands. Students learned printing techniques by stamping the yellow brick road, pressing wood grain into Dorothy's house and dripping paint-coated yarn to create the treacherous tornado. Additionally, we encouraged students to explore plot and character development by creating unique characters then writing stories of how they were swept away by the tornado. Lastly, students worked on their fine motor skills and built their own field of poppies.